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Interested to join our webinar, REGISTER now!!! Speaker registration - 200 USD Student registration (YRF) - 150 USD Delegate registration - 100 USD Webinar registration link - Register on/before Early Bird Dates June 15, 2020 for 25% waivers!! Benefits of Attending the Webinar 1. Make the Scientific Community from various parts of the world closer (which would be very advantageous and important for the researchers to share their expertise in this pandemic situation) 2. E-certificates will be provided to all the Webinar attendees. 3. E-Handbook will be provided 4. Publication of abstract and biography in the respective journal.

Stress Management

Stress affects millions of people every day!! Follow these steps to avoid stress:- 1. Ask yourself powerful questions to overcome mistakes 2. Eat well and calmly 3. Make your office greener 4. Avoid the stressed 5. A kiss against stress 6. Be Kind 7. Don't stare at the screen 8. Potassium is essential 9. Seeking no help 10. Laughing, Laughing, Laughing Again

Diabetes and a Healthy Diet

            Diabetes Diet      Nutrition and a healthy diet regimen are significant pieces of a solid way of life when you have diabetes. Alongside different advantages, following a solid supper plan and being dynamic can assist you with keeping your blood glucose level, likewise called glucose, in your objective range. To deal with your blood glucose, you have to adjust what you eat and drink and diabetes drug, in the event that you take any. What you decide to eat, the amount you eat, and when you eat are immeasurably significant in keeping your blood glucose level in the range that your primary care physician prescribes.       Diabetes is one of the greatest worldwide general medical issues: the commonness is evaluated to increment from 425 million individuals in 2017 to 629 million by 2045, with connected wellbeing, social, and monetary costs.1 Urgent answers for easing back, or in any event, switching, this pattern are required, particularly from interes

Steroids and COVID-19!!!

STEROIDS Most of the people in the world are medicated with steroids for different types of chronic diseases. A certain type of steroid is found to be more susceptible to the viral infections such as SARS and as in the recent days "COVID -19".   Classes of  Steroids The classes of steroids are : 1. Progestins 2. Androgens 3. Estrogens and 4. Corticoids Out of these types of steroids, Glucocorticoids are the drugs that are more susceptible to viral infections which are more likely to contract COVID-19, if they are affected, they are likely to show severe symptoms.   Glucocorticoids  are a class of  corticosteroids , which are a class of  steroid hormones . Glucocorticoids are corticosteroids that bind to the glucocorticoid receptor that is present in almost every  vertebrate  cell. The name "glucocorticoid" is a  portmanteau  ( gluco se +  cort ex + ster oid ) and is composed from its role in regulat

Are Diabetic Patients more prone to COVID-19??

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It is caused by a virus called coronavirus. Corona virus can cause more severe symptoms and complications in people with diabetes. Diabetic patients are more prone to this as they are slightly immuno compromised state and they can easily get infected by many kinds of infections. So they must be aware with this Corona virus since its spread is in an enormous rate. Diabetic patients should be away from the infected persons as they have more chances of developing it. Main symptoms of corona virus  1. High Temperature (felt in the chest and back) 2. New or continuous cough People also may experience Runny nose, Soar throat, cough, fever and in severe cases it leads to breathing problems which might lead to death in older patients who are above 60 years of age. Preventing measures: 1. Avoid contact with someone who are infected with corona virus 2. Wash your handds regularly with soap and use sanitizer 3.

Group Registration Avaliable at WDEC 2020 Congress

"2nd World Congress on Diabetes and Endocrinology" Group registrations slots available!! Submit your abstracts and book your slots now!! Abstracts Submission link: Contact: WhatsApp: +44 330 808 0214

Cell transplantation offers hope for diabetes treatment

Another cell treatment to improve islet transplantation could help keep up sound glucose levels in Type 1 diabetes without the requirement for different transplants of insulin-creating cells or ordinary insulin infusions, examine recommends.  In Type 1 diabetes the insulin-delivering cells of the pancreas are crushed. Insulin infusions keep up wellbeing however blood glucose levels can be hard to control. At present, in the UK, it is evaluated that roughly 400,000 individuals in the UK have type 1 diabetes.  Islet transplants have been extraordinary for certain individuals with Type 1 diabetes, treating risky hypo ignorance.  This new innovative research from the University of Edinburgh is a promising step forward, and one we hope will lead to  islet  transplants becoming both more effective and more widely available in the future said  by Dr. Elizabeth Robertson, director of research at Diabetes UK.